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One of my favourite blogs is written by an Englishman, Andy Hockley, who lives in Czikszereda (Miercurea Ciuc in Romanian), a small town in the Szekely region of western Romania. Most of the residents of Csikszereda, as of Harghita County in which the town is located, are native Hungarian speakes although the region is much closer to Bucharest than Budapest. In his latest post, Andy comments that, in his "ideal world...multicultural traditions and roots" would be "recognised and celebrated, rather than fought against and rejected". At present, Andy's  enthusiastically multicultural vision is not widely shared across Central and Eastern Europe, including Romania and Hungary. Check out Andy's blog at:

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Twilight of Liberal Democracy

Sunday 22 January 2017
From: Social Europe The Fourth Estate and The Twilight of Liberal Democracy, Part One by Stephen Pogány on 18 January 2017 78 Shares Share Tweet Share …...