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Anyone interested in Hungary and in East Central Europe - as well as those with a particular interest in such topics  as nationalism, ethnicity, transition studies, communism, fascism, the Roma, anti-Semitism, constitutionalism and human and minority rights -  may find this site helpful.

Click here to read about my father's memoir of his early life in Hungary.  The memoir is available from Amazon books: George Pogany, When Even the Poets were Silent (2012). A second volume, entitled Where is My Home? (2014), has now been published and can also be obtained from Amazon books.

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A Tale of Two Europes

Tuesday 02 February 2016
  This article was published in Social Europe on 22 January 2016. See https://www.socialeurope.eu/2016/01/a-tale-of-two-europes/     Although West European policy makers have been slow to recognise the fact, the Iron Curtain was never the only…...